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If you look up "yeehaw" in the dictionary, it is defined as "an interjection expressing joy or exuberance." Which is a fitting synopsis of the Yee-Haw Brewing Company brand. I recently had a conversation with Jeremy Walker, the Director of Exponential Mayhem for Yee-Haw about what makes their brand special.

"We are definitely committed to the ideal of yeehaw, bringing joy and exuberance to everything with do." The idea for the brewery came about on a family ski trip where the future founder announced he wanted to start a brewery. Legend has it that when asked what he would call it, he pushed off his skis at the top of the slope and yelled, "yeehaw! Thankfully, that crazy vacation-inspired dream became a reality in 2014.

When you peel away the fun part of Yee-Haw, you find a high degree of serious science. The owners found their Brewmaster, Brandon Greenwood, at Lagunitas. Brandon is an organic chemist by education and has become Yee-Haw's Walter White! Yee-Haw is the only brewery in Tennessee with a fully, functioning micro-biology lab with a micro-biologist on staff. This expertise enables them to work with the best ingredients that result in a very high quality which is very consistent from batch to batch.

The company sold it's first beer in July of 2015 and opened the brewery in Johnson City to the public on July 26, 2015 (the day Slayer played Asheville). The company is still in its infancy, but the team assembled to brew and promote the brand has a ton of industry experience. Jeremy describes them as "pirates that found a new ship!" They currently produce four year round beers and 4 seasonal's that are distributed regionally from Knoxville to Nashville and from Chattanooga to southwest Virginia.

What motivates the Yee-Haw pirates to achieve excellence in the brewery everyday? Jeremy says that the entire team is truly excited about and believe in the brand, they are extremely exuberant. He adds, "plus it is cheaper than therapy seven days a week!" Yeeeehaaaaawwwww!

If you are a beer connoisseur or just a gal that "likes what she likes" then Merchants of Beer will be your designated hangout. Located between downtown Knoxville and the Old City, it will be the home of the best selection of local, regional, national, and international beers on tap and for carry out. Not to mention the humidor room where you can enjoy your favorite smoke and all your favorite top shelf wines and liquors. We will open our doors permanently in 2017, but until then join our TapMob now for updates on exclusive events this Fall for our Mobsters and updates on your favorite libations. Check our webpage at and come back for updates and the Story of Beer!


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