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Girls Love Beer!

We don't have conclusive, archeological proof, but it is widely believed that women were the original home brewers in prehistoric civilizations. In Ancient Egypt, women brewed a form of what we now call beer for their family’s consumption and sold the excess in the nearby marketplace or to neighbors. More recently, women were the primary brewers in the colonial years of The USA, until the time of the Industrial Revolution when beer production became a business. Today women are still active in the brewing process according to a recent Auburn University study shows that 29% of the brewery workforce in the U.S. is women.

Amidst all this history and even current involvement in the brewing industry we must ask ourselves, why don't women drink beer? Well, they do, and apparently the number of female beer connoisseurs is rising. A full quarter of all beer drinkers are women and more importantly, in the world of craft beer women make up 37 percent of the drinkers. In fact, beer has become the libation of choice for females in 21-34 age group, overtaking white wine!

The explosion of craft breweries and microbreweries is probably the leading factor in the growth in female beer consumption. They are not necessarily looking for "girl beers" but are attracted to the variety of flavors and textures provided by these more unique breweries. Sarah Booth, 29, said in a Barley's Angels class, "It's just what I like to drink. It feels more personal drinking something that is brewed in a small batch." Women are also sharing in the community felt in experiencing a new brew with friends. Sarah also mentioned, "this seemed like a good opportunity to meet with other people who like beer."

If you are a beer connoisseur or just a gal that "likes what she likes" then Merchants of Beer will be your designated hangout. Located between downtown Knoxville and the Old City, it will be the home of the best selection of local, regional, national, and international beers on tap and for carry out. Not to mention the humidor room where you can enjoy your favorite smoke and all your favorite top shelf wines and liquors. We will open our doors permanently later this year, but until then join our TapMob now for updates on exclusive events this Fall for our Mobsters and updates on your favorite libations. Check our webpage at and come back for updates and the Story of Beer!

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